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Canada's First Wine By The Glass

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Now wine lovers can experience quality wines from around the world by the glass.  Each month, we will curate three exciting wines from a different featured country and send them right to your door.  Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal to name a few. Yes, Portugal! We are cool like that. 

The World’s First 200ml Wine Tube

The New Way To Wine

The World’s First 200ml Wine Tube
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    Our sleek and elegant tubes each hold almost 1/3rd of a regular size wine bottle. 

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    We send only quality wines that aren't sold anywhere else in Canada.  

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    An intelligently designed crystal glass tube formulated to protect the integrity of the wine.

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    Risk Free

    Members can pause or cancel their memberships at anytime. 

Why This Is The Perfect Gift

  • Who wouldn’t love getting quality wine by the glass delivered each month? Wines from countries like Italy, Spain, France, Chile, and Portugal.
  • It’s much more than a monthly wine club. We put a huge emphasis on learning. Each month members will receive three videos discussing the history and stories of the wines that they are tasting with our exclusive wine educator, David Munro.
  • Other wine memberships are four time's the price! Now you can experience more wines at a fraction of the cost.
  • Month One - Members Receive Three Wines From Spain

    We don’t want to wreck the surprise...okay-yes we do! The rosé wine in this flight won awards at the wine competition in Spain and Germany.  Did we mention it's made by a 3rd generation Spanish Winemaker?

  • Month Two - Members Receive Three Wines From the USA

    Arguably one of the most underrated wine growing regions in the world, The North West region of the USA produces a large variety of amazing wines.  One of our grape varietals is indigenous to the USA.  Gurantee you have never tried it.

  • Month Three, Four, Five and Six

    We are very excited about all the amazing wineries that we have discovered around the world.  Our members will get to experience unique wines from France, Portugal, Chile and Turkey. 

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Members Will Also Receive

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

Paying for shipping in Canada can be expensive!  We get the best rates and have passed these savings onto our members. 

VIP Membership Discounts
VIP Membership Discounts

 Members who find a wine they love will receive a 15% discount off all full sized 750 ml bottle purchases FOREVER! 

Free Wine Training Courses
Free Wine Training Courses

Members will get invited to all our special online training seminars, featuring our exclusive wine experts.

A Variety Of Gift Options

A Variety Of Gift Options

A Variety Of Gift Options


Finding that perfect gift isn’t easy!  That is why we have put together a number of different gift options ranging from $33/month and up. 

An extra bonus is since we are the first company of its kind, we guarantee that your friends and family will have never been given a gift like this before.

Our most popular gift this season is the 3-Month Gift Membership. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

To see all our gift options select from the drop down menu above. 

When purchasing a gift membership you will receive a PDF to print off to give to the gift recipient.  

* Shipping estimated for January 15th.

What is Sip & Savor?

Da’bomb. Just kidding, we will get off our high horse. But we truly do believe that we are onto something. Who wouldn’t want to buy wine by the glass? It’s perfect for when you want to try three new wines every month, from a different country and not have to pay for the entire bottle.  Plus, how exciting is it to get mail every month? Now imagine if that mail was wine! Sip & Savor for the win.

When will my order ship?

Will the wine freeze in the winter?

How much does shipping cost?

Who is this wine club for?

Do the wines come from a different country every month?

Can I have a say in what color of wines you send me?

Does putting the wine in the tubes affect the integrity?

If I like a wine can I order it by the bottle?


Sip & Savor Crowdfunding Backers

I like wine, but I love this company! Huge supporter of small Canadian start-ups. This company has such a cool story and I am excited to be one of the first to sign up.

As a working professional, I deserve a great glass of wine but don’t want the hangover!  I love that I can try wines from all over the world without committing to an entire bottle.

How else can you try 36 boutique wines from around the world without having to purchase the entire bottle?